About Us

Zeeeros at a glance

What we do!!

At zeeeros.com we provides technological infrastructure and marketing tools to help startups, merchant, brands, and other businesses to leverage on the power of ultra modern and future made technological innovations to transform the way they advertise, sells, and to engage with there audience and customers, hereby operating in a more efficient way.

Our mission!

At zeeeros.com out mission is to make sure that products and services get to you quicker than ever!!

Our vision!!

At zeeeros.com our vision is be the world's no.1 Tech Giant in Value Creation for all!!


While growing up, I had alway envision an electronic world, seeing in my mind and dreaming how it will look like, when the whole world goes technological. This curiosity make make stay online everyday checking profile of tech giants like Google which was my greatest motivation. I had alway asked this question how did they do it. And then Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba group, Apple, Tesla, PayPal, Indiamart and the list went on for a mouth watering Future. But it happens that over time I found out that this futer is not fort coming, maybe not in my lifetime. But I thought I really want to live in the future as such all the options left was to create it.

And the story began:

A little confused but I came to notice that all of this companies I had always admired are either solving one problem or the other, so I thought I needed to solve a problem and I started looking forward for problems to solve. I decided to start with the world of commerce as a matter of fact this is the closest I can have little knowledge about, in as much as the society I grew up in does not promote anything like this. Infact you will hardly belief that anything good can ever come out of my country not to talk of my local community. None the less I found out hard It is for retail stores as the one I was working with to get good and or services to even the neighboring community so I decided I need a system to help them sell to other communities without having to travel all along. This way the can keep good relationship with customers as well as improve their service and market cap.

So! We started. When I spoke with a friend who is an  I.T person What he advised was let start with a basic e-commerce feature and then improve on it later because it seems what I want was not possible especially with the low funding map I had, so we tried. Well it didn't last long. We had to change the system due to dissatisfaction. Even when I started making team to pioneer our the system the statement I always got are " guy be realistic. NOW HERE WE ARE!!